Anchor Point

Anchor Point

Anchor Point Surf Break

Break Type: Point Break

Skill Level: Intermediate – Advanced

Crowd: Crowded

Accessibility: Easy


High probability of stoke here if you’re a competent surfer and there’s some swell in the water.

This reeling right breaks at chest high or bigger consistently from November through January. It can go off on the shoulders of the season too, but don’t expect anything in the summer months. When swell arrives it can hold double overhead bangers, so consider a step-up if your forecast is looking strong.

Generally it’s a relatively playful wave with enough push to get some solid turns in. At low tide, right off the end of the point, and on the final inside section the wave can go top-to-bottom enough to get a barrel.

Expect it to be crowded on most days with intermediate surfers… but when the size picks up the crowd seems to wash away. The best days for advanced surfers are overhead+ days when the crowd thins. Surfline’s forecast for this spot is relatively accurate.

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