Top 5 Surf Spots in El Salvador

El Salvador is one of most amazing and “must-visit” surfing destinations in Central America. It offers various surf breaks with clean and consistent waves all-year round. This article will list down the top five surf spots in El Salvador.

El Tunco

Source: Surf City El Salvador

El Tunco is El Salvador’s most popular surf spot and a true year-round paradise for surfers. Its black sand beach is only a 45-minute drive from the country’s capital, San Salvador, making it quite accessible to tourists. If you’re lucky, you may also witness surfing competitions since El Tunco hosts several surf events throughout the year.

There are many surf schools in El Tunco that offer training and board rentals, making it ideal for first-time wave riders. El Tunco’s waves can be challenging for advanced and pro surfers, especially during April to August, when swells can reach double overhead to 20 feet high!

Punta Roca

Source: Sunzal Surf Company

Punta Roca offers one of the best right-hand point breaks in the world. So if you’re a regular-footer, this might be the best spot for you. It is located on San Blas beach and is only about a 35-minute drive from San Salvador, making it quite accessible yet it still remains uncrowded. Small swells can be enjoyed in Punta Roca year-round, but the best time to surf is around November, when waves can be clean and consistent.

El Sunzal

Source: Surf City El Salvador

El Sunzal is one of El Salvador’s finest surfing spots, and since hosting the 2021 ISA World Surfing Games, it has become extremely popular among international surfers. It is only about a 45-minute drive from San Salvador, making it easily accessible to travelers. El Sunzal has the most consistent long-stretched waves, reaching up to 200 meters in length, making it perfect for surfers of all skill levels, particularly longboarders.

La Bocana

Source: Sunzal Surf Company

La Bocana is one of the few surf spots in El Salvador known for consistently providing left hand breaking waves. It is located around 25 miles from San Salvador and is well-known as a tourist destination in La Libertad, so it can be pretty convenient and welcoming in the area. However, La Bocana is no place for beginner surfers, its big waves break heavily over a bed of cobblestone bottom, making it only suitable for intermediate to pro surfers.

Las Flores

Source: Las Flores Resort

Las Flores is El Salvador’s hidden gem and one of the top surfing spots in Central America. This uncrowded beach is located in San Miguel City, around 100 miles from San Salvador. Although Las Flores is a little farther away than other well-known surf spots in La Libertad like El Tunco and El Sunzal, it may give you some world-class waves breaking on a sandy bottom. The swells in Las Flores can be quite big, producing gnarly waves, especially from May to August.

La Chuparosa de Saladita

La Chuparosa de Saladita is a simple, clean, and eco-friendly accommodation. It is only an hour away from Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo International Airport, and is located right on the beach, which is very close to La Saladita. From the pool area and most of their rooms, you can see La Saladita breaking. In fact, you can even start paddling out right in front of the resort and get stoked riding the waves all day.

Source: La Chuparosa de Saladita

La Chuparosa de Saladita is a simple, clean, and eco-friendly accommodation. It is only an hour away from Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo International Airport, and is located right on the beach, which is very close to La Saladita. From the pool area and most of their rooms, you can see La Saladita breaking. In fact, you can even start paddling out right in front of the resort and get stoked riding the waves all day.

A Great Left

Source: Victoria Vergara at Saladita / photo by @filipe_neto / lushpalm

If you’re a goofy footer, then La Saladita is a great choice for you. La Saladita offers a superb left-hand point break from a long distance offshore, so make sure to game up your paddling, since it will take you a long time to get to the point break. But, it will be worthwhile because it will allow you to ride the waves for a longer period than at other surf breaks. If you’re not into long distance paddling, there are other shorter distance take-off points scattered along the coastline of La Saladita, which are also perfect for beginner wave riders.

Best Time To Go

Source: Trip Advisor

La Saladita catches swell all year round, but the best time to catch its waves is in the summer and fall. Winter is typically busier however, so if you want to go in the winter, plan ahead and get your reservations early. The weather is dry and warm throughout the year, so it’s a nice getaway for those who want to escape colder and wetter climates. The nicest part about La Saladita’s waves is that it is uncrowded and surfable at any time of day. However, you might want to watch out on busier months, especially when surfing festivals are being held on the beach.

Best Board To Use

Source: Pinterest / Penn State

The waves in La Saladita are gentle and mellow, making it best for longboarders. There are some days where swells can be big enough for short boarders, but if you really want to enjoy the infamous long waves of La Saladita, this might be the perfect place for you to try longboarding. If lugging your own board is too much of a hassle, don’t worry because there are a lot of board rentals dotted along La Saladita, making it really convenient for a light-travel surf trip.

A Brief History of Surfing in La Saladita

La Saladita is one of Mexico’s premier surf spots. It is well-known for providing a great left-hand point break. This article will discuss the brief history of surfing in the so-called “longboarder’s paradise of Mexico” – La Saladita.

Source: Mexilogfest

Surfers discovered La Saladita in the mid-1970s; it was a hidden paradise for surfers, with unlimited waves they can enjoy all day. Locals officially established La Saladita as a surfing destination in 1998, and even though there was still no electricity in the area during that time, many surfers from the U. S. had already been visiting La Saladita since the late 1980s. Electricity was installed at La Saladita in the year 2000. Since then, a lot of resorts and inns started to sprout up around the area, making the beach more lively, attracting more tourists and surfers.

In 2017, one of the most popular surfing events, Mexi Log Fest was held in La Saladita. It is a surfing competition sponsored by some of the most well-known big brands, such as Jeep and Vans. The event aims to strengthen surfing communities through surfing, art, music festivals, and environmental conservation education. The success of the Mexi Log Fest attracts more surfers from across the world, allowing La Saladita and its world-class left point break to be recognized even more.

Today, the surfing community in La Saladita is still expanding. With its left point break ranking seventh in the world, a laid-back beach surfer vibe, and rising surf festivals, there’s no doubt that La Saladita continues to be one of the most favored surf spots around the world.

Top 10 SUP Trips for Surfers

Stand up paddle boarding (SUP) is gaining in popularity for good reason. It’s another way to have fun in the water when conditions aren’t ideal for surfing. And some surfers have gotten so good at it, they don’t go back to their regular board very often.

If you’re stoked on the SUP and looking to try it outside your home break, we’ve got some ideas for you.

Punta Mita, Mexico

Source: WildMex

Punta Mita in Mexico is a true paradise that is living up to its name, which means “the gateway to paradise” in Aztec. From its beautiful white sand beaches and picturesque coastlines to a diverse range of different surf spots, it offers you both magnificent scenery and a natural surfer’s paradise vibe. Punta Mita is only 20 minutes away from Puerto Vallarta airport and has plenty of lodging options nearby, perfect for accessible surf trips. Aside from that, Punta Mita provides a variety of surf breaks, ranging from challenging reef breaks to excellent point breaks and super enjoyable beach breaks that scatter throughout its coastline, making it ideal for all board types, including short board, longboard, and even stand-up paddle board. 

North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii

Source: Viator

The North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii is a 7-mile stretch of crystal clear waters, white sand beaches, and best surf breaks that extends from Ka’ena Point to Kahuku, making it one of the best tourist spots on the island and one of the perfect surf trip destinations all over the world, especially during winter when swells can be challenging and enjoyable for advanced and expert surfers. If you don’t like big swells, you may ride the waves on Turtle Bay’s beaches, which are perfect for beginning stand up paddle boarders and are well-known for their incredible SUP surf events. You may also enjoy a relaxing and scenic stand up paddle boarding adventure on Haleiwa River, especially during summertime.

Waikiki, Oahu, Hawaii

Source: Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA) / Tor Johnson

Waikiki is located on Oahu’s south shore and is just a 20-minute drive from the Honolulu airport. It is one of the most famous and convenient beaches in Hawaii, since it is the island’s main area for hotels and restaurants. Waikiki is well-known for its long white sand beach and calm turquoise waters. It is also famous for its great surfing spots for surfers of all skill levels, and amazing SUP boarding adventures perfect for both seasoned and beginner SUP boarders.

Sauble Lake, Lake Huron, Ontario

Source: Yelp

Sauble Beach is situated on Lake Huron in Ontario, Canada. It is the world’s second longest freshwater beach and is extremely popular among tourists, thanks to its warm water and a variety of leisure activities available in the area. There are plenty of hotels, restaurants, board rentals, and parking lots near the beach, making it very convenient for travelers. Sauble Beach offers fairly consistent and gentle waves, perfect for rookie wave riders. The long coastline is also excellent for stand up paddle boarding adventure, while enjoying the natural sceneries from the beach up to the famous Sauble Falls Park.

Dana Point, California

Source: Visit Dana Point

Dana Point, known as the origin of surf culture in the United States, is one of California’s greatest beachside communities. It has a wide range of surf breaks ideal for surfers of all skill levels. Doheny State Beach, which is also known for hosting spectacular SUP surf tournaments, is ideal for beginner surfers and SUP boarders. Longboarders will appreciate the longer swells at San Onofre State Beach, and if you want wilder waves, you’ll love surfing at Salt Creek and Strand Beach, which are perfect for experienced and pro wave riders.

Slickrock Resort, Belize

Source: Athleta, SU12, Summer 2012, Belize

Slickrock Resort is an all-inclusive private island resort in Glover’s Reef Atoll and one of Belize’s top private resorts. On its miles of pure blue seas, it offers a wide range of water sports adventures, including sea kayaking, surf kayaking, SUP boarding, kayak fishing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, board surfing, scuba diving, and even snorkeling. Since the resort only accommodates around 24 visitors at a time, you can have the peaceful relaxation you need without worrying about an overcrowded trip experience.

Playa Guiones, Costa Rica

Source: Perfect Paddles

Playa Guiones is a pristine paradise situated at the coastline of Nicoya Peninsula. Lush jungles are intact along its four-mile-long white sandy shorelines. It has a variety of surf breaks that are suitable for different board types, including short boards, longboards, and SUPs. Playa Guiones is also regarded as the surf break for beginners due to its gentle waves, soft sandy bottom, and uncrowded beach. There are also several surf schools and local instructors who offer both surf and SUP lessons to first-time wave riders.

Surfer’s Point, Barbados

Source: XtremeSpots

Surfer’s Point is situated at the east coast of Barbados, along the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea. It is one of the most favored surfing and SUP boarding spots in the region, thanks to its gentle point breaks and consistent rideable waves throughout the year. There are a lot of lodging options, such as hotels and guest houses dotted in the area. There are also shopping malls, supermarkets, and restaurants nearby, which makes it an extremely convenient destination for your surf trip.

Tofino, Canada

Source: Swell Tofino

Tofino, known as the surfing capital of Canada, is part of a protected natural sanctuary and one of the most laid-back surfer towns in North America. Pristine rainforests are intact along its 20-mile coastline facing the Pacific Ocean, and despite its cold water, it is a popular destination for surfers of all skill levels. Tofino offers gentle rollers, perfect for rookie wave riders and SUP boarders. It also pushes big barrels and wild swells that are perfect for experienced and pro surfers. Along the coast, there are a lot of surf shops, surf schools, and all types of boards and wetsuit rentals available, making it very convenient whether you’re planning on a surf trip or an SUP adventure.

Treasure Cay, Bahamas

Source: Bahamas Air Tours

Treasure Cay is a small beach situated in the island of Abaco of the Bahamas. It is known for its 4-mile stretch of a snow-white sandy beach and crystal clear waters. It is only 6 miles away from the Treasure Cay airport and has a lot of lodging options along the way, perfect for an accessible surf trip. Treasure Cay’s waves are tiny and mellow, making it suitable for beginning surfers and SUP boarders. There are also several surf and SUP camps located around Treasure Cay that provide surf and SUP lessons as well as all-type board rentals.

5 Great Destinations for Surfing and Diving

Looking for a place you can catch your stoke by surfing when the waves are good and diving when the visibility is great? Here’s five of the world’s greatest surfing and diving destinations.

The Maldives

When you hear the word Maldives, the first thing that will come to your mind is a peaceful summer paradise. The country is well recognized for its world-class white sand beaches with crystal clear waters, which provide tourists with a luxurious relaxing experience.

Source: ForthipWart/Pixabay

The Maldives is one of the top diving locations in the world. Warm water and regular currents transport nutrients along Maldives’ reefs, lagoons, channels, and deep oceans, which creates a marine environment teeming with life. When you dive into the clear water, you’ll witness a diverse range of marine species, including vibrant soft and hard corals, colorful sponges, and hundreds of fish species, including legendary whale sharks and magnificent manta rays.

Source: Surfertoday

The Maldives also provides some of the best waves in the world, which are accessible all year-round. Some of the surf spots in the country push big waves that reach overhead, perfect for intermediate to advanced surfers. However, it’s important to note that many of the best waves in the Maldives are quite far from the resorts, and are only accessible by boat.

The Bahamas

Without a doubt, the Bahamas is one of the most beautiful places on the planet. It is well-known for its clear turquoise seas with pink and white sand beaches. The islands are situated in the Caribbean Sea, where the weather is warm and tropical, making it ideal for a perfect summer vacation.

Source: Bahamas Air Tours

The Bahamas is one of the greatest destinations for diving. Having the world’s third largest barrier reef, its underwater world is surely filled by natural coral structures with vibrant colors and abundant with marine life, providing countless diving spots for both beginners and experienced divers. You can experience different types of diving in the Bahamas including, shark diving, reef diving, walls diving, blue holes diving, caves diving, and the most haunting yet scenic, shipwreck diving. 

Source: Bahamas Tourism

The Bahamas also has excellent waves that are ideal for surf trips. It has several surfing spots with all types of wave breaks, as well as some of the most consistent and strong waves in the world, making it perfect for experienced surfers.

Virgin Islands

The Virgin Islands consist of three major islands, Saint Croix, Saint John, and Saint Thomas. They are known for having beautiful white sand beaches, clear waters and abundant coral reefs, ideal for a relaxing summer getaway.

Source: Steve Simonsen /

Situated in the Caribbean Sea, the Virgin Islands has a diverse number of dive sites suitable for divers of all skill levels. When you dive into its clear waters, you’ll enjoy a natural sanctuary for hundreds of marine species including fish, corals, and invertebrates. You may also want to try a night dive to witness nocturnal marine species.

Source: Christine Thompson / VI now

The Virgin Islands also provide perfect waves for surfers. It offers various surfing spots, the majority of which are reef breaks, making it best suited for experienced surfers. Some of the most well-known surf spots in the Virgin Islands are: Cinnamon, Reef Bay, Johns Folly, Johnston’s Reef, Fish Bay, Nanny Point, Water Island, Grassy Point, and Hull Bay.

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico has coastline stretching for more than 300 miles, and it is well-known for its crystal blue seas and stunning white sand beaches, as well as for its ideal warm tropical weather for summer holidays.

Source: San Juan Diver

Being a part of the Caribbean Sea, Puerto Rico is one of the perfect destinations for diving. There are various diving spots along Puerto Rico’s east coast and its several small islands, which are home to a diverse range of coral reefs and an abundance of marine species, while the southern part of the island provides great deep underwater walls.

Source: Discover Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico, also known as the North Shore of the Caribbean, provides an incredible variety of surfing spots along its coastline. Puerto Rico is known for pushing big and wild waves especially during late fall and winter. Most of these surf spots are reef breaks, making it best suited for experienced surfers. Some of the most well-known surf spots in Puerto Rico are: La Ocho, Middles Beach, Crash Boat, Jobos, and Tres Palmas.


Belize has more than 400 islands and are well-known for having beautiful white sandy beaches lying under a perfect warm tropical weather, making it perfect for a quick summer getaway or surfing trip.

Source: Wikipedia

Belize is an excellent diving destination since it has the longest unbroken reef barrier in the Western Hemisphere, providing one of the greatest underwater landscapes with diverse coral reefs, and a variety of marine species ideal for an epic diving adventure. Belize is also recognized for having the Great Blue Hole, which is one of the most popular and exciting diving destinations for divers all over the world.

Source: Surfer Today

Belize’s long, unbroken barrier reef prevents powerful swells from reaching its shores, leaving only three surfing spots in the whole country. The most well-known is the right point break of Glover’s reef, which is located on a private island resort called Slickrock Belize Adventures, where you can enjoy surfing and other water activities through their various adventure vacation packages.

Zen Villa

Region: Costa Rica

Closest Surf Breaks:

Playa Chiquita 100 meters

Starting Rate per Night: $363

Description: The Zen house is a luxurious Balinese inspired three-bedroom home situated in the gated privacy of lush tropical gardens, right in the heart of playa Chiquita. Only 100 meters away from the gate lies a beautiful untouched beach with great snorkeling and swimming.

Villas Jacqueline Saladita

Region: La Union, Guerrero, Mexico

Closest Surf Breaks:

Playa la Saladita

Starting Rate per Night: Unknown

Description: Villa Jacqueline consists of three beautiful beach houses located at Playa Saladita in Guerrero Mexico. Saladita is north of Zihuatanejo, around 40 minutes away on a good road. The Villas are full sized houses for rent. Villa Jacqueline is the first choice for large groups, families with children, and most of all, surfers. The North and South Villa are right on the beach, while the third, El Mirador, is set back about 60 feet from the beach.


Villa Ebony

Region: Santa Teresa, Provincia de Puntarenas, Costa Rica

Closest Surf Breaks:

Playa Santa Teresa (1km)

Starting Rate per Night: $759

Description: Villa Ebony is a boutique villa located in the lush Costa Rican jungle and offers remarkable views of the Nicoya Gulf and the Pacific Ocean. Witness the exotic wildlife of Costa Rica, which includes monkeys, birds, and iguanas. If you are searching for a place with jaw-dropping panoramic views and unmatched privacy, Villa Ebony surely won’t disappoint.


troncones point surf hostel

Region: Troncones, Mexico

Closest Surf Breaks:


Starting Rate per Night: $19

Description: Troncones Point Hostel is the first and only hostel in Troncones. Surrounded by mountains and the magnificent Pacific Ocean, this is a spot where you can truly appreciate nature. It also offers stunning tropical greenery and breathtaking views. Here, you may enjoy all the luxuries of a hotel while being on a budget.


swell el paredon

Region: El Paredon, Guatemala

Closest Surf Breaks:

El Paredon

Starting Rate per Night: $52

Description: Located on the stunning and untouched volcanic black-sand beach of El Paredon lies Swell, a surf and lifestyle hotel with a laidback spirit. The destination offers a rustic, yet elegant, cozy boho-chic ambience for travellers to get together, kick back, and share in a small piece of paradise.