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J Bay Classic 2024 Surf Forecast

Today is the official starting day of the 2024 JB classic and here is the surf forecast outlook for the competition window. Looks like it’s going to be mostly waist to chest high surf through the week with some hope for head high surf on the last two days. Despite the lack of swell, the […]

Under The Influence

Like waves, I am simply a product of my environment. Each wave is subtly shaped by a multitude of factors before it takes its final form at the coastline. A slight change in bathymetry will mold the same swell into various shapes and sizes as it reaches its terminus. It’s incredible how the same swell, […]

Morning Recalibration

Surfing, I’ve realized, is much more than the thrill of riding waves. Especially on the not-so-great days, it’s a recalibration of modern comforts, which helps me appreciate life outside the water. The Cold: Some early morning surf sessions become a battle with the cold. After getting out of bed and before getting into my sweats. […]

Sugar On My Tongue

Surfing is like sugar. It comes in many forms and has a predictable affect on the brain. When sugar hits my tongue I get an immediate reward shortly followed by a strong craving for more. I can’t remember a single surf session where I’ve caught one good wave at the beginning the session and then […]

Thoughts on Shots

Does ‘trying to get the shot’ detract from the experience of surfing? I surf for the stoke and the afterglow that it brings me: peace of mind, elation, and the ‘everything is in it’s right place’ feeling. I also surf for the connection with nature and the exercise. And there’s a social aspect too. My […]

Head v Heart

Something deep inside of me wants to do everything I know I shouldn’t. It feels like my heart is fighting my head. My heart: I want to quit. I want to drop out. I want to give up all possessions like a monk, live in a van, and just surf. I hate ‘the system’ so […]

The Buzzer Beater

I’m looking down the line at a peeling right-hander from the best possible vantage point. I’ve dropped in, my feet are set, I’m coming out of a shallow bottom turn, and I’m rising up the face of the wave to make sure I can get enough speed to make the next section. These first few […]

She be buckled.

The end of a life, The end of the road,A relationship beyond repair.She be buckled. The magic is lost,Life from her gone,Body in tact but soul released,She be buckled. The urge to revive, Denying the inevitable,Moving on feels wrong, But she be buckled. One chapter closed, A new bond to be built, A tinge of […]

Dreaming of Surf

I want to dream about surfing. I wish I could dream about surfing. But I can’t. I day dream about surfing. I mind surf waves at the beach, in videos, and on the cams. I think about surfing before I go to bed. I think about surfing as I wake up. It’s usually the reason […]

My Set Wave Mantra

I’m having a fun session with a few friends at our local beach break. The waves are the perfect size for a fun, playful session, and the sets are just big enough to make me a little nervous on the takeoffs. Exactly what I love! A set wave comes right to me. Yea, it’s a […]