J Bay Classic 2024 Surf Forecast

Today is the official starting day of the 2024 JB classic and here is the surf forecast outlook for the competition window. Looks like it’s going to be mostly waist to chest high surf through the week with some hope for head high surf on the last two days. Despite the lack of swell, the conditions are clean.

Competition Window: June 14 – 23

Surfline’s Forecast

Windy’s Forecast

J Bay Classic 2024 Surf Forecast

The forecast for the competition window for the J Bay Classic 2024 is looking to be small but clean. Here’s a detailed day-by-day forecast:

Opening Day: June 14

  • Afternoon: Slight bump in swell
  • Evening: Potentially decent session with low winds
  • Swell: Relatively small by Jeffreys Bay standards, but sufficient to kick off the competition

Day 2: June 15

  • Swell: Small swell in the water
  • Wave Height: Waist to shoulder high
  • Conditions: Likely enough to continue with the first rounds

Day 3: June 16

  • Swell: Very small
  • Recommendations: Ideal for longboard division
  • Potential: Possibility of some small sets despite the forecast

Day 4: June 17

  • Swell: Increase in activity, potentially the biggest bump of the week
  • Wave Height: Waist to chest high, with possible head-high sets
  • Conditions: Better in the morning with low and offshore winds

Days 5-7: June 18-20

  • Swell: Consistent but not very big
  • Wave Height: Waist to chest high
  • Wind: Mostly offshore and light
  • Conditions: Fun surf, but not large

Final Weekend: June 21-23

  • Swell: Potential for a decent swell push
  • Wave Height: Head high to overhead sets
  • Conditions: Potentially good surf to cap off the competition
  • Uncertainty: Forecasts may change, but there is hope for exciting final days

Overall Outlook

  • Conditions: Mostly small surf throughout the competition window
  • Professional Surfing: While not epic conditions, it will be interesting to see how the pros handle smaller waves
  • Forecast Changes: Keep an eye on updates as conditions may improve

Stay tuned for further updates and enjoy the J Bay Classic 2024!