J Bay Classic 2024 Lineup

The WSL J-Bay Classic

The World Surf League (WSL) is hosting the WSL J-Bay Classic this year instead of the WSL pro tour event.

Event Date: June 14 to 23, 2024.

This specialty event will showcase a unique hybrid format, blending alternative and high-performance surfboards, and a special mixed teams division. Although the surf forecast doesn’t show big swell, the conditions will be clean.

Event Format

  • Hybrid Format: Surfers will compete using both twin fin and thruster surfboards. The competition is designed to highlight the versatility and skill required to master Supertubes.
  • Rounds: The main event includes two rounds. The top four men and women from these rounds will advance to Finals Day.
  • Mixed Teams Division: Six mixed teams will compete in 45-minute sessions, adding an exciting collaborative element to the competition.

Competitor Categories and Invitees

Who is surfing in the J Bay Classic 2024?

A host of non-tour surfers have been invited to compete in the J Bay Classic 2024. Given that the forecast is not looking spectacular, there may be some surfers who don’t make it out to South Africa for the event. But there is plenty of talent to spectacle.

J Bay Classic 2024 Surf Competition Bracket - Mens
J Bay Classic 2024 Surf Competition Bracket - Womens

Women’s Invitees:

  • Alana Blanchard
  • Sage Erickson
  • Sally Fitzgibbons
  • Stephanie Gilmore
  • Coco Ho
  • Sierra Kerr

Men’s Invitees:

  • Adriano De Souza
  • Michael February
  • Jack Freestone
  • Mason Ho
  • Sean Holmes
  • Josh Kerr
  • Travis Logie
  • Mark Occhilupo
  • James Ribbink
  • Steven Sawyer
  • Kelly Slater
  • Owen Wright

Local Trials – Women:

  • Sarah Baum
  • Sophie Bell
  • Louise Lepront
  • Zoe Steyn
  • Jessie van Niekerk
  • Faye Zoetmulder

Local Trials – Men:

  • Aboubakr Bouada
  • Teva Bouchgua
  • Eli Beukes
  • Sung Min Cho
  • Chad du Toit
  • Max Elkington
  • Daniel Emslie
  • Joshe Faulkner
  • Tide-Lee Ireland
  • Shaun Joubert
  • Dylan Lightfoot
  • Thomas Lindthorst
  • Surprise Maphumulo
  • Jordy Maree
  • Adin Masencamp
  • Remi Peterson
  • Slade Prestwich
  • Connor Slijpen
  • Luke Slijpen
  • Dale Staples
  • Shane Sykes
  • Luke Thompson

Spectator Information

  • Competition Window: June 14 – 23, 2024. Heats will be scheduled based on optimal surf conditions within this window.
  • Heat Schedules: To know when the heats will run, check the WSL website or their official social media channels daily. Announcements are typically made the evening before.
  • Results: Live scoring and results will be available on the WSL website. Highlights and heat replays will also be accessible for those who want to catch up.

Surf Talent Rundown

Competitors’ History at J-Bay

Here’s a brief overview of the competitors’ history and performances at J-Bay, focusing on some of the key invitees and local surfers for the upcoming WSL J-Bay Classic.

Women’s Invitees

Stephanie Gilmore

  • Achievements: Eight-time World Champion.
  • Performance at J-Bay: Won the Corona Open J-Bay in 2018, demonstrating exceptional skill on the challenging waves of Supertubes. Gilmore is known for her fluid style and strategic prowess, making her a formidable competitor at this break.

Alana Blanchard

  • Achievements: Prominent surfer and model, known for her influence in the surfing world.
  • Performance at J-Bay: While Blanchard hasn’t secured major wins at J-Bay, her competitive experience and style bring a lot of excitement to the event. She has been a consistent presence in various surfing competitions globally.

Sally Fitzgibbons

  • Achievements: Consistently ranked among the top female surfers.
  • Performance at J-Bay: Fitzgibbons has had strong performances throughout her career, though specific details about her J-Bay results are less highlighted, her competitive edge remains sharp.

Coco Ho

  • Achievements: Comes from a family of legendary surfers and has a strong competitive record.
  • Performance at J-Bay: Known for her powerful and stylish surfing, Coco has competed at J-Bay multiple times, adding to her experience and familiarity with the wave.

Men’s Invitees

Mark Occhilupo

  • Achievements: 1999 World Champion.
  • Performance at J-Bay: Won the 1984 Country Feeling Classic at J-Bay at the age of 18. His backhand attack at Supertubes is legendary. Occhilupo remains one of the most respected figures in the sport and is highly anticipated at this event.

Kelly Slater

  • Achievements: 11-time World Champion.
  • Performance at J-Bay: Slater has had numerous memorable performances at J-Bay, including several victories. His innovative and strategic approach to surfing has made him a standout at this venue.

Michael February

  • Achievements: Local talent from Cape Town, South Africa.
  • Performance at J-Bay: February’s familiarity with the wave and local conditions gives him a unique advantage. He is known for his stylish and smooth surfing, making him a local favorite.

Josh Kerr

  • Achievements: Known for his aerial maneuvers and creative surfing style.
  • Performance at J-Bay: Kerr has competed at J-Bay multiple times, impressing with his innovative approach and technical skills.

Owen Wright

  • Achievements: Renowned for his powerful and precise surfing.
  • Performance at J-Bay: Wright has had strong performances at J-Bay, consistently showcasing his competitive spirit and mastery of the wave.

Local Trials Invitees


  • Notable Competitors:
  • Sarah Baum: Consistent performer in local and international competitions.
  • Zoe Steyn: Young talent with a promising future, known for her dynamic surfing.


  • Notable Competitors:
  • Eli Beukes: Emerging talent with strong performances in local events.
  • Dylan Lightfoot: Experienced competitor with a solid track record at J-Bay.
  • Joshe Faulkner: Known for his powerful surfing and local knowledge.