Sidi Kaouki

Sidi Kaouki Rivermouth & Reefs

Sidi Kaouki

Break Type: Beach Break (near river mouth), Reef (near city)

Skill Level: Intermediate

Crowd: Low to no crowd.

Accessibility: Moderate


River mouth – Your “typical” river mouth break: a peaky beach break. There is a rock shelf on the south side which also plays into the formation of this break. On a good day there are peaky A-Frames. On most days there’s decent shape but soft texture.

Reefs – There are various reefs near the center of town that mostly work on low tide. Your best bet is to show up around low tide (or when the winds are low) and keep an eye for any peelers.

Winds pick up early and are often strong. Check the wind forecast before making the trek. It’s a very small town but there are a few restaurants, hotels, and homestays.