Foz do Lizando

“The Foz” has the best name in Ericeira, but not the best waves. It probably gets really good on a small to medium swell when the sand banks are working. They weren’t when I was there… but I’d suggest getting out of town when swell is backing off and checking this place.

Foz do Lizando Pictures

About Foz do Lizando Beach Break

Break Type: Beach

Skill Level: Intermediate

Crowd: Low – usually less crowded than breaks closer to the center of Ericeira

Accessibility: Super Easy


Very similar to São Julião which is just one cove to the south. It’s a beach break that’s pretty typical of the area.

These spots struggle with large swells as wave shapes disintegrate. They perform best under smaller swell conditions and can provide clean waves when the sand banks are working. The sand banks can change on a weekly basis (most often after significant weather events), so don’t give up on The Foz if it doesn’t deliver your first visit.