This reef, on the south side of Backdoor & Reef, is accessible via a small beach and is a little more friendly to beginners than some of the other reefs. Check a bit to the north and south of the beach for empty rights… you might be surprised.

Matadouro Pictures

About Matadouro

Break Type: Reef

Skill Level: Intermediate

Crowd: Moderate

Accessibility: Moderate – beach access but rocky shoreline and rock reef


The surf shops across the road often take students out on soft tops, but walking a bit down the beach or paddling out beyond the foamies, you can find some nice waves. It can handle a little bit more swell than Reef & Backdoor, but not much more.

As with most reefs around town, be careful with the rocks. As you can see in the pictures, it’s mostly a flat rock shelf that runs out into the ocean. But there are some rock outcrops in the water to be careful of. You’ll seem them as boilers on a higher tide and you can scope them clearly on a low tide. If possible, check it on a low tide so you can see where rocks are. It’s not treacherous, but better to be cautious and reduce the risk of dinging your stick.