Guide To Surfing Ballito, South Africa

When To Plan A Surf Trip To Ballito

The key to getting good waves around the Ballito area is timing your visit with the swell and working sand banks. The best season for consistent waves is during the South African winter, from April or May through September, when southwest swells are frequent. While there are swells during the summer months (November through February), they tend to be less consistent.

Another crucial factor for scoring good waves is the condition of the sandbanks. If the sandbanks are well-formed, you’re in for a great surf session. However, if they’re washed out, finding quality waves can be challenging.

Check the cams to see if the sandbanks are working before you book your trip. Ocean Eye offers extensive coverage of this area, much more so than Surfline. I recommend checking cams at main breaks like Willard Beach and nearby spots. If these breaks are working, chances are other breaks in the area will be good too.

Waves In The Ballito Area

Ballito Weather

Ballito is sub-tropical. Summers are very hot and humid. Winters are mild and generally the best time to visit, considering that is also when the swells are most consistent.


Accommodations and transportation out shadow all other expenses by a long shot so when I travel those are the two I spend the most time trying to optimize. Here’s a breakdown of the budget considerations:

  • Accommodations: Ballito is an upscale community with limited surf hostels or budget hostels. Hotels are available but can be pricey and cater more to general visitors. A good alternative is a homestay, which can be found for around $30 USD per night in neighborhoods not far from the beach.
  • Transportation: A rental car is essential for getting around to the various breaks and generally costs between $20 and $30 per day. If you plan your trip well and find that main breaks like Salt Rock and Willard Beach are working, you might manage without a car by staying in the local area. However, the Durban airport is about 20 minutes away, so you’ll need a taxi to get to your accommodation.
  • Domestic Flights: Flights to Durban from other parts of South Africa are relatively inexpensive. Board bag fees on local airlines are also manageable.
  • Food: Food in Ballito is quite reasonable, so you can budget a smaller amount for meals compared to accommodation and transportation.