La Grotte

La Grotte (Area)

La Grotte

Break Type: Reef

Skill Level: Intermediate – Advanced

Crowd: Can get crowded despite being remote… but you could be surfing alone.

Accessibility: Challenging


On this peninsula area are several breaks. The road is dirt and rock, so a vehicle with good suspension and decent lift is recommended. You can park and walk but it will be a bit of trek.

You can’t see many of the breaks from the road, so expect to park and trudge across some sand dunes before seeing the conditions. If you get lucky, you’ll feel like Hynson and August when they find the world’s best wave in South Africa. More likely, you’ll be surprised to see longboarders in the lineup with no one and nothing else around.

There are several breaks along this area so you may be able to find your own. It needs a bit of swell to work and is generally best on the low tide. As with Sidi Kaouki, check the winds. If it’s side shore in Sidi Kaouki it might be offshore here.

Don’t pet the dogs.