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The Impact of Plastic Pollution on Surf Breaks and Marine Ecosystems

The growing plastic pollution has become a major environmental problem. It poses many threats to our environment, particularly to our oceans. According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), about 14 million tons of plastic waste are going into our oceans yearly—that’s like the weight of 56,000 commercial airplanes! Even though we might not see […]

Sustainable Surfboard Brands

Surfing is all about balance and nature, and it’s closely linked to keeping our oceans and coastlines healthy. As people get more worried about the environment, surfers start to care about using gear that’s good for the planet. In this article, let’s discuss the importance of sustainable surfboards, and check out some brands that are […]

Sustainable Surfing Events and Competitions

Surfing events and competitions are going green in today’s environmentally aware world by maximizing sustainability. As the love for riding waves brings surfers together worldwide, organizers are taking steps to lessen the environmental impact.  This article delves into the importance of sustainable surfing events and competitions and explores some of the most prominent competitions prioritizing […]

How Climate Change Will Negatively Impact Surfing by 2050

Surfing communities around the world are facing significant threats from climate change. As global temperature rises and weather patterns become more unpredictable, the very essence of surfing is at risk.  This article will explore how climate change will negatively impact surfing by 2050, highlighting the key challenges and potential consequences for surfers and coastal communities. […]

Shifting Shores: Coastal Erosion and their Impacts on Surf Spots and Surfing Communities

Coastal erosion is the gradual wearing off of land and sediment removal along coastlines. It is a process driven by natural factors or human activities, which act as powerful forces reshaping the coastal landscape. Over time, the relentless action of these elements causes the coastline to recede, leading to the loss of sandy beaches, cliffs, […]