Welcome To Surf Economics

Welcome to Surf Economics (AKA Stoke-o-nomics) – Please read before continuing…

This website is for surfers who want to increase their stoke.

Definition of “Stoke”: If you don’t know, this website isn’t for you. Go back to trolling YouTube or Facebook and come back after you’ve been bitten by the bug.

I do an economic evaluation of surfing to find ways to increase stoke levels. Then I share them with you here.

The main things I focus on to help you increase your stoke levels are:

  • Surf Quality – Getting more pleasure out of surf sessions
  • Surf Quantity – Fitting more surf time into your life
  • Propensity for Stoke – What? Other stuff that can impact your stoke

Most of us live our lives and make decisions based on stoke-o-nomic principles and the Stoke Level equation:

(Surf Quality * Surf Quantity) / Propensity for Stoke = Stoke Level

Let’s break it down so we can understand why we really surf and find ways to keep the stoke alive.

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