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Surfing Guasacate, Nicaragua – How To Get Stoked

The Waves There are several fun waves within walking distance of Guasacate beach. The main waves are: Popoyo – A popular reef break North Rivermouth – An uncrowded beach break South Rivermouth – A less consistent beach break Guasacate Beach – You can find an occasional corner Beginner’s Bay – A soft beach break Popoyo […]

Traveling To and From Nicaragua During COVID

Here are my recommendations for traveling to and from Nicaragua during COVID. This guide covers flying in and out of Managua. Many of the same tips will also apply to other entry and exit points. Standard Disclaimer: Circumstances are changing regularly. Make sure you double check the latest restrictions, requirements, etc. regarding travel to and […]

Welcome To Surf Economics

Welcome to Surf Economics (AKA Stoke-o-nomics) – Please read before continuing… This website is for surfers who want to increase their stoke. Definition of “Stoke”: If you don’t know, this website isn’t for you. Go back to trolling YouTube or Facebook and come back after you’ve been bitten by the bug. I do an economic […]